Terroir and Elever


In autumn we gather in sedentary hives. The honeycomb becomes the custodian of time and place, following the refinement (élever) in hive, from which it is gathered only at the end of an entire apiary year. Whatever the bees produce, we package in honeycomb, made by the bees themselves, (because it works this way in the wildlife) in order to get the benefit from the countless properties of the wax and of all the products that bees put in it thanks to their unceasing work


In the wax there’s the history of the harvest, of the territory of the specific season.

The wax is the hive journal in which bees write down constantly the story of the terroir, giving us the unique pleasure to enjoy it in its complexity and deep intimacy.

What we offer to you is the essence of a territory, according to the beehive.