The Honeycomb


We need bees to be able to keep in mind that extraordinary things may happen

Samuel Beckett

Everything starts from the wax, which is a very complex blend of 300 components, not all still identified, wholly produced by bees, where they have lived, rotating supply and pollen.

Thanks to observing this natural cycle the wax produced is dark, rich in history and in traces of the beehive products.


The pollen,is rich in at least 24 known amino acids , whose complex chemical composition includes water, carbs, mineral salts, enzymes, all B group vitamins and a high content in vitamins C, D, E and beta carotene.

Together with the propolis, a mixture of resins, balms, wax of plant origin, essential oils, vitamins A, B, E, PP and trace elements iron, magnesium etc.

With the absence of any pressing process and centrifugal force to extract honey or of any other subsequent step, allows us to offer a whole product, as eaten by the Greek philosophers Democritus, Zeno and Pythagoras and to whose consumption they attributed their extraordinary longevity.