Our Vision


The Aboriginals [...] were a people who trod lightly over the earth; and the less they took from the earth, the less they had to give in return

Bruce Chatwin, Songlines

Our philosophy is based on the idea to “let bees do” and from which our company name comes from. In fact FATE VOBIS, in ungrammatical Latin, invites ‘to do it yourself’ and for assonance the final BIS is written BEES.

Thus FATEVOBEES®, an idea of food which feeds and doesn’t consume, as Andrea Segrè writes in Eat As You Know "nowadays everything is green, as if the association with a colour was enough to certify the quality of a product.


Actually we need authenticity, confidence and trust; we need to become experts in recognizing real genuine food”.

We are committed to safeguarding the native species, the melliferous bee, without any sort of selection or genetic crossing, in order to ensure that the natural heritage, Biodiversity, continues to exist.